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The JUDO FOOD handheld labeller has been designed especially to meet the needs of those in the food industry and is available with 13 pre-designed texts such as ‘cooked on’, ‘defrosted on’, ‘storage temperature’ and ‘best before’. This gives the user increased flexibility and choice, and they can make time and cost savings associated with purchasing many different types of label.

JUDO FOOD handheld labellers also print the date with the month and day written in full, and it is the only hand labeller on the market to do so. This makes the date easier to read thus minimising error, ensuring food is safe and reducing wastage. The handheld labeller is extremely user friendly, and is a sturdy and lightweight device, enabling users to print high-quality labels, quickly, easily and economically. 

“We’re delighted to be offering these two new solutions to our customers in the food industry,”says Laurent Lassus, General Manager at SATO France. “At SATO we’re continually developing products that will enable our customers to work more efficiently and we have reliable solutions for all areas of the food industry, from preparation of ingredients in the kitchen, to the final product packaging.”

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