Supply Chain Snapshot: Weekly Industry Insights #12

08/07/24Supply Chain Snapshot: Weekly Industry Insights #12

Welcome to this week's edition of Supply Chain Snapshot, where we bring you the latest updates and innovations in supply chain management. This week, we highlight how SATO’s advanced RFID retail solution is transforming Selmark’s supply chain and explore key industry trends that reflect the evolving landscape.

SATO Europe Revolutionises Selmark’s Supply Chain with Advanced RFID Retail Solution
Discover how SATO’s state-of-the-art RFID solution has enhanced Selmark’s supply chain efficiency, providing real-time inventory tracking and significantly reducing operational costs. This technology is paving the way for more streamlined and transparent retail operations. Read the full story here.

Digital Democracy in Automotive Supply Chains
Automotive Logistics examines how digital strategies are democratising the automotive supply chain, making advanced technologies accessible to all players in the market. These strategies are essential for maintaining competitiveness and efficiency. Learn more.

AI for Disaster Responses and Healthcare Shortages
Innovation News Network explores how AI is being leveraged to improve disaster response and address healthcare shortages. The integration of AI in these sectors enhances decision-making and resource allocation, leading to better outcomes. Read more.

Machine Learning in Retail: Panacea or Placebo?
Forbes Tech Council discusses the potential and pitfalls of machine learning in retail. While the technology promises significant improvements in customer experience and operational efficiency, it also comes with challenges that must be addressed. Explore the insights.

EU Retailers Warn of Market Fragmentation
Euractiv reports on EU retailers' concerns about market fragmentation amid calls to address food chain imbalances. The industry is advocating for measures to ensure a more balanced and fair market. Learn more.

Impact of EU Import Duty on Cheap Goods
The Guardian highlights the potential impact of the EU's plan to impose import duties on cheap goods, which could affect companies like Shein and Temu. This regulation aims to curb market distortions and promote fair trade. Read the full article.

China’s Shein Under Scrutiny
Politico covers the increasing scrutiny of Shein's operations in Europe, focusing on issues like dumping, forced labour, and pollution. These concerns are prompting calls for stricter regulatory measures. Explore the details.

Digitalisation and AI in Fashion’s Future
Innovation in Textiles explores how digitalisation and AI are shaping the future of the fashion industry, driving innovation and efficiency. These technologies are set to transform production processes and customer interactions. Learn more.

European Parliament’s Digital Product Passport for Textiles
Resource reports on the European Parliament's recommendations for a digital product passport for textiles, aimed at improving traceability and sustainability in the fashion supply chain. Read the article.

Digitalisation for Supply Chain Due Diligence
Sustainability and digitalisation go hand in hand in modern supply chains. TradeBeyond highlights why digitalisation is critical for due diligence, ensuring transparency and accountability. Discover the insights.

Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence
White & Case discusses the new EU regulations on corporate sustainability due diligence, which require companies to thoroughly understand and manage their supply chains. This legislation aims to promote sustainable and ethical business practices. Learn more.

Stay tuned for more updates and in-depth analyses in our next edition, as we continue to bring you the latest insights from the dynamic world of supply chain management.


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