Efficient Yard & Terminal Management

Safety, security and efficiency are front of mind in modern yard and terminal operations. As with any business operation, the elimination of manual processes to eradicate human error is key to driving efficiency and accuracy. Streamlining, mapping and monitoring workflows enable yard and terminal managers to improve process productivity and drive down costs.

SATO, a leader in auto identification and data collection solutions for the transport and logistics sector, acutely understands the challenges faced in the complex yard and terminal environment.

Ensuring a safe and secure operation, backed by smooth processes that provide transparency and real-time information on activities, ensures employees, contractors, suppliers, partners and customers alike, have clear information on what is happening, wait and turnaround times, as well as ensuring safety and regulatory compliance while on site.

Tracking employees, goods and assets in the yard or terminal is made simple with SATO tailored solutions. With a comprehensive range of fixed and mobile barcode and RFID enabled label printing solutions, software and accessories, SATO delivers the visibility of real-time data and automation of track and trace processes to reinforce regulatory compliance and drive productivity in complex yards and terminals.

Returnable packaging & container management

Lorry delivering large number of barrels

Handling returnable and reusable packaging solutions, from IBCs to canisters and containers, can create efficiency challenges for any yard or terminal operation.

Many industries today employ reusable container designs to carry finished goods and parts through the supply chain process to minimise resource loss, costs and contribute to responsible and sustainable business.

Containers can include pallets, plastic boxes, large metal and plastic IBC containers and canisters for gases and liquids. The use of such containers is typically not managed efficiently: users often have more containers than they need or insufficient quantities when they actually need them.

Tracking and tracing returnable packaging and containers in the yard or terminal to provide knowledge on location, condition and availability, as well as how to find the closest containers for a particular need, can cut both the number of containers needed in total in a business cycle, reduce costs and eliminate problems caused by shortages of packaging.

SATO, a supply partner to the transport and logistics sector, provides high performance labels and a range of asset tracking solutions to meet returnable packaging and container management needs in the complex yard and terminal environments.

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Driving efficiency in yard operations

Delivery depot

Smooth tracking of goods, vehicles and assets in the busy yard environment enables managers to focus on productivity, safety and security at all times. From the moment a vehicle enters the yard, is unloaded or reloaded and checked out, automated monitoring of activity is required to ensure human error, time wasting and unnecessary waiting times are avoided.

From the start point of capturing in-bound information at the entry point to the yard, to direct vehicles to the correct unloading dock, SATO automates a range of data collection needs to support yard efficiency and operations.

From having complete visibility of what is on every vehicle, what regulatory and handling requirements are involved, and which employees are available to manage the cargo and vehicles, SATO provides a range of solutions specifically designed to enhance productivity, regulatory compliance and safety for a wide range of yard situations. Enabling asset optimisation for operational efficiency, SATO also helps minimise the time involved in yard checks, equipment searches and data and time verification processes.

SATO has significant experience, from its leading role in multiple solution deployments worldwide, to harness the powers of RFID technologies to support yard operators manage complex processes in multiple languages; identifying priorities and ensuring visibility of information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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