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A printing challenge

PDF, or ‘portable document file’, is a widely used file format throughout many core IT systems including ERP, MES and WMS, as well as in OS and onboard PCs used in factories. Printing PDF data on to a label traditionally requires a printer driver or custom-built software to convert the data into a graphic, image or dataflow, creating a longer process that can harm efficiency across the supply chain. However, there is technology that can remove this roadblock.

What is PDF Direct Print?

PDF Direct Print offers a new more effective way of working. It is an integrated printer software that enables SATO printers to directly print PDF data generated in other systems, to ultimately reduce errors and the associated loss of time and resources, while improving operational productivity.

PDF Print Native rendering - Multilingual fonts, PDF-embedded fonts, Page splitting, Layout adjustment, High speed, high quality, PC-less printing, Various interfaces, SATO AEP


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