Quick, flexible tracking and management of blood and medical devices with 100% accuracy

Designed for use where fast accurate unattended/remote reading of PJM RFID tagged products is required, our PJM RFID Open Shelf system is flexible to be installed as a fixed-in-place or mobile solution to manage owned and consigned stocks.

Completely safe to use with medicines as well as biological agents and materials, this system is ideal for managing blood, blood products, sterile orthopedic implants & devices and can be used by medical drug dispensaries for managing medical products.


ISBT-recommended RFID frequency

PJM RFID technology operates in the 13.56MHz frequency range which is the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) recommended frequency for managing blood banking and transfusion medicine.

Extremely high speed

Very high speed identification, reading, writing and verification rates.


Detect missing, additional or expired items even regardless of the tag volume.

100% accuracy & stackability

PJM RFID is a unique RFID technology with a 32 Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) guaranteeing 100% accuracy & reliable identification of even tightly stacked, overlapping or touching tags.

3D RFID field

Three dimensional RFID field makes operation process much efficiency and easy because the tag is insensitive to its orientation, position and location on the products to be tracked.

Controlled reading field

No interference between shelves placed closely together as reading field is well designed and controlled. This prevents misreading of items not on the shelves, providing peace of mind for users.


Can be made into mobile trolleys with the addition of castors.

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More about PJM RFID Open Shelf System

Each shelf in the PJM RFID Open Shelf system provides a 3 dimensional RFID read field which means that users can place items on the shelf in any orientation and they will continue to be identified. The well-defined RFID field provided by PJM RFID also means that the shelving units can be placed in close proximity to one another with no impact on performance, only the tags contained on any specific shelf will be identified by the corresponding shelf antenna.The flexibility to have PJM RFID Open Shelf system installed as a fixed in place solution or with the addition of castors the system so it can be made into mobile trolleys is particularly well suited to orthopedic hospital consignment stock storage where trolley containing a full set of implants required for surgery can be read prior to surgery then wheeled to theatre for surgery.

Once surgery is completed, trolley can be rapidly read to identify usage and trigger restocking activities to get ready for the next surgery and can also provide a full summary of events across all surgeries for the day. At the end of the day the trolley(s) can be wheeled back to the storage location for final restocking/storage.When necessary, hospital staff or vendors can also flash read trolleys at any time to locate urgent item(s) or trigger automated stock ordering based on predetermined minimum stock levels (software dependent).


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Track and manage orthopedic inplants and devices at hospital consignment stock storage, prepare implants required for surgery and identify implant usage during surgery and trigger restocking activities, track and manage medicines, biological agents and materials

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Blood & Pathology

Track and manage blood bags, blood products and samples

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Transport & Logistics

Inventory counts at warehouses in stockrooms, on consignment shelving

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Inventory management of parts

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