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ORACLE & XML Printing

Introduction to XML Printing

Information in XML format provides greater flexibility as it can directly integrate with various systems. XML format offers flexibility as it is not confined to limited preset tags, which is contrasting to other markup languages with preset tags such as HTML.

In other words, XML allows each vendor in a specified industry to create its own set of tags to cater to that industry without much sacrifice of compatibility issues.

Comparing stored information is the traditional approach, where for example, a third-party software, typically the middleware, is required to store the data in an acceptable format into the database. Now, large scale database systems, such as Oracle Warehouse Management System (WMS), SAP and other custom applications can store information in XML format.

Advantages of XML Printing using SATO Printers

Integration with Oracle WMS - How it works

SATO XML-enabled NX-Series printers can parse XML output into barcode output format and print directly print from ORACLE’s WMS and MSCA.

Flowchart illustrating ORACLE & XML Printing

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Flowchart illustrating ORACLE & XML Printing

Integration with SAP


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